Places of Note

The game normally takes place on the megacontinent of Tyrim, which is divided roughly north-south down the middle by an imposing mountain range called the Bloodstone Mountains (due to the red hue of many of the peaks at the right times of day). There are six very broad areas, with a lot of room for individualization within each:

To the northwest, you have the Western Reach (very traditional England/European kind of fantasy setting, an intricate political tapestry of various duchies, baronies and fiefs large and small); the local language is just Common, largest city is Irongate, the Impenetrable Fortress of the West; as part of the setting canon, following the very recent conclusion of the Great War, the Western Reach has officially conquered Kazikar and some portions of Marune

To the northeast is the region known as Kazikar (sort of hybrid east and southeast Asia themes); local language is Kazik, largest city is Chi’am, the Ancient City; now subjugated and under the tentative rule of the Western Reach

To the southwest, a wild, largely untamed area known as Lustria (very dense jungles and swamps, sort of a Florida/South America/jungles of Africa type setting); as a kind of tribal region, the various local dialects are collectively known as Lustrian, largest inhabited area is the city of Rhyll, the Jewel of the Red River

To the southeast, the Plains of Marune (kind of an arid Middle East/Northern Africa hybrid); local language is Marune, largest city is Duissane, the City of Spires; some of the kingdoms in the northern part of the area have also come under the rule of the Western Reach

The far south contains frigid archipelagos and island chains collectively known as the Islands of Kesh (a sort of tundra/arctic area, famed for its Viking-like pirates and expert shiphandlers); the various dialects of these raider tribes are collectively referred to as Kesha, no large cities (at least that I’ve created so far …); the raiders of Kesh are famed for their intricate system of tattoos and body modifications that denote status, wealth, accomplishments, family lineage and more

The far north is colloquially referred to as the Ashen Wastes (a land of extremes, with freezing cold winds, violent earthquakes and hundreds of fiery volcanoes); this is traditionally known as the land where the orcs first crawled out of the stinking earth, but so many types of monsters inhabit the area that there is not one general language or any central cities.

Other locations of note:

The Heartland aka the Emerald Sea – a wild, untamed expanse of dense woodlands that runs up both the eastern and western sides of the Bloodstone Mountains, extending through parts of the Western Reach, Kazikar, Lustria and Marune. Traditional home of the elves and many other races

The Black Morass – an enormous swamp in northern Lustria, host to all manner of bizarre creatures and traditional home of lizardfolk

Barak Tole – the inhabited areas carved out within the Bloodstone Mountains, traditional homeland of the dwarven clans

The Underdark aka The Night Below – straight from D&D, an enormously vast area of honeycomb-like caverns, dungeons and passages – both natural and constructed – running underneath the entire continent. Home to dark elves, duergar, mind flayers and countless other monstrosities too horrible to name

Places of Note

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