Buried Treasure

On the road from the Ironbeard compound back to Fallkeep, the group used Shape Earth to bury much of the loot taken from the dwarves, with the idea of returning later to sell the goods once the heat had died down. Konshu had the excellent idea of throwing one of his electrum pieces into the pile in order to use Seek Earth to locate the cache later, and Fiona was able to disguise the burial site as a used camp circle.

Stored in the cache is:
- From Thaezun Stormbellow: his lightning axe along with two fine-quality dwarf-sized axes, a fine-quality dwarf-sized maul, a fine-quality dwarf-sized warhammer, a fine-quality dwarf-sized crossbow, plus his gold statuette with gemstone eyes ($3,000), gold and electrum beard comb ($1,500), sack of 120 gp + 255 sp and his spice rack ($1,000)
- Four sets of dwarf-sized chainmail, four dwarf-sized medium shields, eight dwarf-sized dueling halberds, eight dwarf-sized maces, eight dwarf-sized large knives, eight dwarf-sized crossbows
- Lear Ironbeard’s silver-trimmed strongbox (worth $500 itself) containing 500 sp and a set of precious gems worth around $4,000, plus a fine-quality padlock and key worth about $1,000
- A handsome cigar box containing a dozen quality Lustrian cigars ($800 for the lot)
- A jade and onyx chess set carved in a nautical theme ($2,000)

Also recovered from the compound were two grimoires from Zarek Ironbeard, along with a total of seven unique magical items built using character points.

Air College grimoire – fine leather embroided with silver outlines of clouds and lightning bolts ($1,000). Contains the spells Create Air, Lightning, Purify Air, Resist Lightning, Seek Air, Shape Air, Stench, Wind, Windstorm.

Necromancy College grimoire – bound in dark vellum which may be human skin ($1,500). Contains the spells Affect Spirits, Animation, Bind Spirits (sentient souls), Command Spirits (sentient souls), Death Vision, Materialize, Sense Spirit, Solidify, Soul Jar, Steal Energy, Steal Vitality, Summon Spirit, Turn Spirit, Zombie.

Nakar and Konshu intend to study the Air college book, while the group asked Jarrett Barclay to find a buyer for the Necromancy book.

UPDATE – loot was sold to a halfling merchant during the Spring Festival for a net profit of $3500 each, after adjusting for Arthur’s skillful haggling with the merchant, the company’s standard 10% fee and Carcius Szandor of the Company of Adventurers taking the chess set as extortion for their silence on the raid

Buried Treasure

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