Dustin's Fantasy campaign

Session 12

Speaker in Dreams - Part 4

- Paiero joins the company
- Found evidence in the medusa and grimlock warehouse
- Attack on temple of Pelor
- While heading for the Fallkeep, pass by ‘Reality Wrinkle’ and encounter strange babbling; enter the shop and begin fighting alienist cultists, the wyste and a gibbering mouther

+3 cp for the team, and MVP was Liana for holding three cultists at bay even while stunned half the time, not to mention slaying multiple enemies in one turn with those brutal rapid strikes. Seye Tieg deserves an honorable mention for tying up their whole right flank by himself with his crazy martial arts moves; handy having Nakar around to dispel magic when enemies buff themselves!

The Reality Wrinkle encounter was fun to build. I’m always trying to mix new elements into these fights – this time we had the weird shop itself as an environment factor, a group of low-powered wizards with heavy Blur spells on (making deceptive and targeted attacks much riskier), backed up by a powerful wizard leader throwing lightning around, a high DR + high HP + hard hitting monster in the wyste and that creepy gibbering mouther that forced a lot of Will saves to avoid stunning. Never underestimate these heroes though! Good teamwork carries the day again.


dbierut dbierut

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