Dustin's Fantasy campaign

Session 11

Speaker in Dreams - Part 3

- Finished the fight in the bell tower; Seye disabled Squim and got him to unsummon the wyste, but it took Arthur’s shield into the void; after interrogation Arthur took the wererat to the temple of Pelor for rehabilitation, then woke up Jarrett Barclay in the middle of the night to update him
- Party members staying at the inn experienced disturbing dreams, Konshu awoke with Bad Temper; Paeiro the Gnome appeared in the morning and reported that fellow gnomes seemed to have been murdered in Southspur; party went to investigate and followed the blood trail to some abandoned warehouses
- Party breached the roof and jumped into a warehouse, encountered some grimlocks; Seye almost got his arm sliced off but saved by Obad-Hai’s blessing; medusa named Felga appeared from behind some crates and nearly turned Paiero and Nakar into stone; Felga fired off a few arrows and threw some grenade bottles, but then had to flee as her grimlock followers fared badly against the party; Nakar and Peiro worked together to beat one grimlock down, short people pride!

+3 cp for all, and MVP was Seye Tieg for forcing Squim to unsummon his wyste and taking some punishment for the team against the grimlocks and Felga. Ffej called it immediately – trying a normal non-deceptive grapple against an opponent armed with an axe was in retrospect maybe not the ideal approach.

It was fun welcoming Gene to the table! Glad he made it out and seemed to enjoy the session, and he did well playing Paiero the Gnome. Looking forward to seeing his first proper character next time!

Part 4 of Speaker in Dreams will be on March 19 due to GM schedule conflict on March 12. I anticipate the full Speaker in Dreams story arc running somewhere in the 5-6 sessions range if we take it to completion.


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