Dustin's Fantasy campaign

Session 10

Speaker in Dreams - Part 2

- Liana, Arthur and Konshu retrieved the dwarf loot; shake down by Company of Adventurers guys; sold treasure for $3500 profit each
- Went to pauper’s graveyard; met grave diggers and senile priest of Pelor; uncovered Ferringray’s body sans brain and took it to the central Temple of Pelor; trailed by suspected wererats on the way; learned through divination that he died after speaking to Lord Taine about city guard staffing and posting for the fair, killed by a suffocating, blinding grapple-type attack
- Group went to the Fallkeep itself to report findings to Lady D’Alencourt; after learning from gate guards she was meeting with Taine, burst into the fortress using Arthur’s great charisma and leadership; found D’Alencourt and Taine unharmed, but the lady’s violent anger at being disturbed was noted by Arthur as out of character; Company of Adventurers guys sent the party a mocking letter while at dinner
- Group elected to investigate the bell tower; a flying, invisible Seye began heading to the top but encountered living gargoyles and returned down; group entered the bottom floor and the elderly tower keeper called out for Squim, leader of the rats; party stormed upstairs and fought wererats and rat swarms on the stairs; Squim, observed by Seye, used a scroll to summon a monster Nakar described as a wyste; Seye lured Squim near a window and hurled him out of the tower

+3 cp for all, and MVP was Arthur D’Bruin for showing great initiative, good role playing by Cory and fearlessly confronting the wyste during the fight in the bell tower. I felt Seye was a close honorable mention for his awesome bait-and-judo-toss on Squim haha. At 10 sessions, Fantasy is officially our longest-running GURPS campaign.

Good investigative work by the team, some choice clues uncovered, and that observation by Cory and John that Lady D’Alencourt seemed to be overreacting was well done. Seems like a few different pieces to the puzzle are coming together, and the plot thickens …


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