The Black Marches Brigade

“As you know, our company is new in Fallkeep, and expanding into this market hasn’t been easy. Most of the sell-swords, sell-spells and thieves’ guilds already have arrangements with the other players in town. Local politics and that. Now I can get you day labor no problem, just say the word, but real help has been hard to come by.

“Fortunately we just struck up a deal with a new mercenary group camped outside of town. Call themselves the Black Marches Brigade. Cute, right? They seem competent enough I suppose, maybe a little green but eager to prove themselves. Scrappers after my own heart. Let me know if you need a little extra muscle on the next job, I can send a runner and see if they can spare a few men. Of course they don’t work for free … but then again who does?”

On a successful Patron roll of 12 or less before the session, 1d fighters from the Black Marches Brigade will offer up their services as NPC hirelings. They have 100-pt. spearmen and 100-pt. crossbowmen available, PCs’ choice, and if a ‘6’ is rolled, the 5-man squad will be led by a 125-pt. sergeant with a broadsword. These NPCs will be under GM control (though I may transition control of them to a player if some poor PC meets an untimely end during the mission).

If each PC is receiving one ‘Share’ (equal portion) of the total loot, each individual member of the BMB will want a 1/3 ‘Share’ (i.e., proportionate to their point cost vs. a 300 pt. PC), slightly more for the sergeant. This comes out of the gross proceeds, not the net (i.e., a share of the loot before the PCs pay their 10% dues back to their own company).

Regardless of the success or failure of the Patron roll, 1d 50-pt. manual laborers can be found with a successful Carousing roll (other skills may also work). They’ll attempt to avoid any serious fighting and don’t have the Code of Honor of a BMB mercenary, so they’re not going to do much to bolster the group’s combat power, and they probably won’t stick around if things start to go really badly. However, they can certainly hold torches, carry extra loot, pack up the mules and so on. Each laborer will want 30 sp per day plus expenses, replacement of lost gear, etc. – adventuring is dangerous work, even from the rear!

The Black Marches Brigade

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