The adventuring company has just opened a new branch office in the city of Fallkeep. It’s one of the larger cities in the Western Reach as well as one of the oldest, with a long and somewhat turbulent history.

Situated about 5 miles from the Gold Coast, Fallkeep is a wet, rainy place built near the intersection of two wide rivers on sodden, marshy ground. The architecture tends toward the gothic, and most of the older stone houses and shops are built out of the dark gray fieldstone common in the area. The town was named for the imposing castle built ages ago on the highest hill in the region, around which the rest of the city has gradually spread over the centuries.

The current Lord of Fallkeep, Iberron Taine, is widely (but privately) regarded as an uninterested and corrupt ruler, suspected of being deeply in the pocket of the local thieves’ and merchants’ consortiums. His Commander of the Guard, Lady Chevette D’Alencourt, is by contrast held as an incorruptible steward of the city, a former adventurer who has gone to great effort to foster a culture of relative honesty and integrity among the guardsmen.

Fallkeep has an unfortunate but not unfair reputation as a haven for organized crime – no fewer than half a dozen separate thieves’ guilds are rumored to be active in the city (as well as at least one assassin’s guild), and it is well known that they ally themselves with various local moneylenders, financial associations and trade unions. Open violence between these factions is rare, however – most of the time, business is just business in Fallkeep. Several other adventuring companies are already active in the city and have made their own arrangements with the local powers that be, but the market is lucrative enough that the PCs’ company is hopeful about their new branch’s prospects.

Some of the neighborhoods in Fallkeep include:
- The High District (area to the north of the city, home to many of the richest and most powerful nobles and merchants)
- Silver Hill (the second-largest hill within the city limits, location of many of the city’s temples, libraries, high-end artisan’s shops and artists’ galleries)
- The Market District (the main hub of activity within the city and host to a wide array of merchant’s shops, pubs, smiths, armorers, food vendors and dealers in unusual curios)
- Southspur (a mid- to lower-income part of town, contains many modest homes, inns and apartment buildings along with numerous warehouses and some less-desirable businesses such as abattoirs, tanneries and dye makers)
- Downside Landing (located along the Marne River near the outskirts of the city limits, known as a haven for all manner of criminal activity, contains many brothels, gambling houses, cheap taverns and dilapidated housing for the poor)


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