The standard currency across all of Tyrim is the silver piece (‘sp,’ equivalent of $1).

One copper piece (‘cp’) is worth $0.05, or 1/20th of a silver piece.

One gold piece (‘gp’) is worth 20 sp, or $20.

One electrum piece (‘ep’) is worth 100 sp, or $100.

One platinum piece (‘pp’) is worth 500 sp, or $500.

Different realms and kingdoms may use their own particular symbols on currency or may manufacture their own types of currency (such as the ‘koku’ in Kazikan, a thin, rectangular gold plate with rounded edges, worth about $200). A successful Merchant roll can usually identify the approximate value of a strange land’s currency.

Coins are relatively small – for simplicity, we’ll say 500 standard coins of any type weigh 1 pound (denser metals equal slightly smaller coins and vice versa). $1,000 of pure silver weighs 1 pound, but silver coins are only about half silver and half other metals.

In the GCA, you can just create this as ‘New Equipment,’ insert the appropriate dollar amount as per coin type and make the Base Weight 1/500. Alternatively, you can load the Dungeon Fantasy gear sets for Money and just change the dollar amount and base weight in the Full Edit Window.


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