Seye Tieg


Seye was 11 years old when he lost his family and village to the Great War. Western marauders swept through his region in Kazikar leaving a path of destruction and misery. He escaped with his life and at the time vowed revenge on the foreign invaders.

Several years later, still a young boy, he approached a camp of Westerners offering his services as a guide in exchange for mercy. He told them that he knew of an ancient temple hidden in the mountains that was filled with countless treasures and that he could take them there. Seduced by the promise of returning home rich men, the soldiers took the boy up on his offer. Little did they know, he was leading them to the infamous Temple of the Blood Moon, home to a deadly cult of martial arts wizards. The western fighters didn’t stand a chance against the temple’s quick and cunning sentries who could, with a simple touch, cause their sword arms to magically wither away. As the carnage ensued, Seye tried to run away only to find himself surrounded by another patrol of the cultists. His punishment for leading the foreigners to their sacred place would would certainly be death if not for the fact that they sensed in him a great potential for magic. And so, after surviving a number of grueling and deadly challenges, he was taken in as a student of the secret arts.

Initially, Seye was surprised to find that the position of the temple was indifferent to the outcome of the war. It made more sense to him as he studied their philosophy, which touted the virtues of the strong and survival of the fittest. By the time the war was over, he no longer hated the Westerners, but instead accepted their rightful, well deserved place as the ruling conquerors.

After he was one of the few students in his class to survive the rite of passage into adulthood, he left the temple. He joined a caravan carrying goods back to Fallkeep to find out more about the culture of this victorious nation.

Seye Tieg

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