Nakar the Unseen

A jovial halfling wizard with huge muttonchops


Stands 3’2", 30 lbs., full head of thick, dark hair with prominent muttonchops. Dark brown leather jacket and pants, checkered gray flannel undershirt and midnight blue heavy cloak with fur fringe draped over his shoulders. Walks with an ornately carved, silver-coated mage’s staff, the business end shaped to resemble a dragon’s talons clutching an amethyst powerstone. Usually sports a friendly, sometimes cocky grin.


Nakar offers little about his past but clearly has quite a bit of formal magical training, focused mainly in the colleges of Earth, Healing, Illusion & Creation, Knowledge, Light & Darkness, Movement and Protection & Warning. He’s a gregarious, friendly fellow but probably thinks he’s more charming than he really is. Claims to know important people in magical societies and purports to be an expert on a wide variety of topics, but even a casual observer can tell at least some of what he says is pure bluster. Curious almost to the point of impulsiveness, particularly concerning magical artifacts and unknown mystical phenomenon. Seems fond of inventing new titles and honors for himself, with dubious claims as to his many admirers and exploits in far-flung exotic lands. But for all his personality quirks, Nakar is undeniably a halfling of rare intelligence and iron will, talented in the arcane arts, brave and cool-headed in a crisis, the kind of man who would never abandon or betray an adventuring companion even in the face of terrible danger.

Nakar the Unseen

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