Jarrett Barclay, Esq.

Curmudgeon-y old man with a stern glare


Average height, slim build, full white beard and a heavy brow. Deeply lined, weather-beaten face with a prominent nose. His piercing gray eyes seem to size people up at a glance. Dresses in simple but well-made robes and polished boots. Keeps a staff of power always close at hand.


As the appointed manager of the new Fallkeep branch of the adventuring company, these days Jarrett Barclay feels greatly put-upon. In his long career with the company he’s seen many adventurers come and go (more than a few in the belly of some horrible beast), and so he does not hold any great expectations for this newest lot of recruits. Despite his sour moods he is protective of his charges, but first and foremost concerned with the company’s reputation in Fallkeep. Barclay is undeniably a capable administrator as well as a mage of some renown, but his own adventuring days are far behind him, a fact that still irks him on occasion.

Jarrett Barclay, Esq.

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