Fiona Ember

Beautiful warrior-priestess from the Islands of Kesh




Fiona was born in the Islands of Kesh in the frigid lands of the far south. Her father was a typical Viking type, while her mother was a priestess of the nature god, Obad-Hai. While her father trained her in some martial & outdoor skills almost as much as her brothers, Fiona clearly had an attunement with her mother’s deity so that is where most of her education came from. By the time she was 18 Fiona’s abilities were beginning to surpass her mother; a shared divination event led to their joint belief that Fiona was intended to branch out into the rest of the world up north and bring the light of Obad-Hai to those peoples…and cleanse unnatural abominations with their god’s holy fire wherever she found them, as well.
Her father took this news hard, so he commanded one of her brothers to accompany her on this trek. After 3 years they found themselves in the Western Reach. By then it had become apparent that Fiona’s martial skills and affinity with Obad-Hai had naturally molded her into more of a warrior-priestess than a simple proselytizing cleric, so they joined up with a mercenary company to make ends meet and see even more interesting aspects of the world. Highly attuned to the element of fire, she became known as Fiona Ember as half-jokingly named by her mercenary cohorts, though she allows it to stick: after all, one of her primary goals is to root out unnatural evils in the world and purify them through the holy flames of Obad-Hai…

Fiona Ember

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