Dustin's Fantasy campaign

Session 9

Speaker in Dreams - Part 1

- Fallkeep spring festival, party deputized by D’Alencourt, run-in with Company of Adventurers guys
- Wererat fight, interrogation
- Search for Nathan Ferringray, Nakar’s Seeker, Fiona’s divination
- Meeting with Murdoch Clive; report of murders

+3 cp for everyone, and MVP was Liana the Lionness for charging brazenly into battle, slaying rats left and right while absorbing a few nasty rapier stabs. I honestly thought that despite Cory showing up very late, Arthur should get an honorable mention for some great diplomacy and solid role playing.

Part 1 of Speaker in Dreams was a lot of fun from the GM’s side of the table. Seemed like a good mix of tactical hex play, investigation and RP. Also glad we took some time at the beginning to clear up some bookkeeping matters and rules clarifications; we’re all learning more about GURPS every day haha. Fun fact – Fantasy is now tied with Monster Hunters for our longest-running campaign. I’m excited to play Part 2!

Due to GM scheduling conflict, we’re moving back Session 10 to Feb. 19 instead of Feb. 12.


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