After 14 sessions, our fantasy campaign is now closed and on the shelf. I had a blast running and playing in it! Thanks to everyone for bringing your badass characters to the table, and for your imagination, your tactical acumen and your great humor. I’m proud that this was so far our longest-running campaign. I’ll be taking a temporary hiatus to focus on home life, but looking forward to rolling 3d6 with you guys again one day.

This fantasy campaign takes place in Elyria, a TL3 (+1 for certain technologies among certain races) prime material plane. In terms of theme and tone, it will be a combination of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy and classic high fantasy, definitely some strong D&D influences. Swords, sorcery, monsters, dungeons, castles, high adventure! Combat and exploration will be big parts of the game of course, but unlike the DF series, I do also envision opportunities to use some social skills, it’s not going to be strictly ‘chop up the monsters and take their stuff.’ Check the Wiki tab for a variety of character creation and setting notes.

As background, this is a world my brother and I originally created for D&D, and I’m happy for the chance to port it over to GURPS. We set out to make this a collaborative effort – while some of the history and locales have been established as canon, we wanted this to be a setting where anyone could add their own details, historical figures, new locations, etc. and run the game they envision. I’d like to continue that tradition here; it’s my hope that I could GM some games while also giving other people the opportunity to run something (thereby giving me the chance to be a player as well!), all set against the same Elyria background so that other players can use the same PCs, etc. For that reason, no comprehensive world map exists, as we didn’t want to limit ourselves or other GMs from adding their own elements to the setting.

Dustin's Fantasy campaign

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